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#AskSCHED | Oct 15
This #AskSCHED session focuses on embedding Sched into your website including Wordpress sites. We also go over how Sched integrates with Zoom and the integration features. 

Here's an outline with time stamps so you can skip to the parts relevant to you:

Q1: Tips and tricks, control panel review and a quick look at settings. [0:52]

Q2: What do different video links look like in the Video Stream field for sessions? [8:22]

Q3: Best practices are for a scientific poster session. [8:59]

Q4: Can you update a spreadsheet and upload it again? Or do you have to edit sessions manually after you've uploaded the spreadsheet? [11:21]

Q5: Can I upload passwords in the attendee spreadsheet? [14:05]

Q6: Do I need another platform for a virtual event in addition to SCHED? [15:55]

Q7: How do I attach a link for a survey at the end of the conference? [17:10]

Q8: What is the difference between “Sponsor and Exhibitor Profiles” and then “Enhanced Sponsor and Exhibitor Profiles” included in the Reserve package? [18:37]

Q9: How do Vimeo and YouTube look when added to the session page Video Stream field? [20:08]

Q10: Confirming that attendees can click on the yellow Video Stream button to open the Zoom app. [21:46]

Q11: It is not possible to edit the email subject for the welcome invite. [22:42]

Q12: The Exhibitor tab does not display on your event page if you do not add any people to the exhibitor role in your control panel. [23:08]

Q13: Can you embed a recorded Zoom webinar that is not live? [24:18]

Q14: How do Eventbrite and Zoom work? [26:34]

Q15: I need to use WuFoo for registration. Can I edit the email subject line for the welcome invite? [28:34]

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