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#AskSCHED | Sept 3
Watch the recording from last a previous #AskSCHED webinar. We discussed a number of topics and did live demos to fully cover best practices for setting up your event with Sched.

Here’s an outline of what we covered and timestamps so you can skip to the parts that are most pressing for you:

Q1: How do I use my site again? Duplicating an event. [3:18]

Q2: Can I rename my event? Rename event or URL [6:44]

Q3: If my event is private, can everyone see my event? Answer includes reviewing privacy settings. "Make video streams accessible to session attendees only" available on Reserve and Native plans only. [8:05]

Q4: How do I edit the message in the login window? [11:07]

Q5: For Zoom meetings, is it better to set a room password or a waiting room? [12:14]

Q6: EO found us through Comic-con and also has a large event (15,000 attendees). Asked about Native plan. [13:53]

Q7: What is the best way to share the Zoom meeting password? [16:59]

Q8: How do I change and set session types? [19:20]

Q9: What's most common in event management - do speakers manage their own sessions in Sched or do event organizers? What speaker tools do I use? [22:40]

Q10: In what scenario would someone want to use the feature "turn video streams on ten minutes before session starts?" What's the default if you don't turn that on? [28:25]

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