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#AskSCHED | Sept 10
This #AskSCHED session focuses on embedding Sched into your website including Wordpress sites. We also go over how Sched integrates with Zoom and the integration features. 

Here's an outline with time stamps so you can skip to the parts relevant to you:

Q1: What are some best practices & tips for embedding Sched on a website? How do I choose the right embed link options? [3:48]

Q2: Does embed work on a Wordpress site? [4:50]

Embed examples added to chat. [5:46]

Q3: Event organizer is trying to find ways to schedule a session with multiple speakers -each with their own time slot. Is there a best way to do this? [6:38]

Q4: Where do attendees go when they click on the yellow Video Stream button? [9:19]

Q5: How can you charge for the event and prevent logins from unpaid attendees? [9:57]

Q6: How does Sched integrate with Zoom? Can Zoom be embedded on Sched? [11:49]

Q7: Do you recommend using Zoom or does Cisco Webex work well too? [13:17]

Q8: Is it possible to rearrange sessions by subtopic, subtype, or theme? [14:53]

Q9: How are sessions ordered in Sched? [16:44]

Q10: Event organizer wants information on connecting Sched to Zoom webinar for parallel sessions, ensuring they are secure, and making it easy for participants to navigate their schedule and find the correct Zoom rooms. [18:01]

Q11: Is there a virtual events management service offered by Sched? [20:25]

Best practices for enabling Sched features in a virtual event. [21:55]

Q12: If I set my time zone will this auto-adjust for participants in other timezones? Or, is it best to put 2-3 timezone options in the Sched event page header? [25:47]

Q13: Do you have a direct link of how to embed Sched on our site? [28:31]

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