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#AskSCHED | Sept 17
This #AskSCHED session focuses on embedding Sched into your website including Wordpress sites. We also go over how Sched integrates with Zoom and the integration features. 

Here's an outline with time stamps so you can skip to the parts relevant to you:

Q1: Tricks and tips on how to create an event site and a quick look at settings. [2:53]

Q2: Where is the best place to include Zoom meeting links? [15:54]

Q3: An easy way to copy profiles from one event to another. [17:21]

Q4: What virtual social ideas have you seen other events use? [19:34]

Q5: Customizing session feedback. [21:42]

Q6: How to collect overall event feedback not tied to a specific session. [24:17]

Q7: Are there ways to only have the video links visible for registered attendees rather than public? [26:57]

General tips and best practices for virtual events. [29:14]

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